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Park Ave. - All Boy Band

Founded by Clark Baechle and Conor Obserst in January, 1996. Oberst and Baechle switched instruments putting Oberst on drums and Baechle on guitar, the duo started searching for band members, preferring “cute girls”.

Finding Neely Jenkins on Bass, Jenn Bernard on keyboards, and Jamie Williams on guitar, who in fact none of these new members own any instruments or knew how to play well. The band set on borrowing instruments and amps for its two and a half year lifespan playing up to 10 to 15 shows. After finding out about Jamie’s plan to moving to London to work on art, a 4-track was brought in to record songs for themselves to have before Jamie left. These recordings eventually created their first and only album to be released, “When Jamie Went To London… We Broke Up.” in 1999.

Clever album name right?

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